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Every scientific work begins from the generation of a plan. The Doctoral candidate is obliged to create one and, at the same time, it is compulsory to get the scientific supervisor to check it and confirm that one can use the plan. Also, it is compulsory to propose a research topic first and prove it is worth studying, which is why a candidate also has to craft a research proposal before starting to actively work on the chosen topic.

Although, one should take into account that the proposal can be changed several times in the process of writing the research work itself, as the primary proposal gives the information only about the issue under study; and all next proposals are being changed depending on the collected sources. It is essential to remember that when you write a thesis paper, it should correspond to the goal of the research and the tasks set.

The primary proposal consists of the separate rubrics, which are joined with the only logic of the research, and, on this account, it is called the proposal-rubric. Later, one composes the outline where the main issues that are the basis for the further research are stated briefly.

The proposal should consider such obligatory matters as:

  1. Determination of topic, goal setting, research problem statement. One will need the publication of the review paper.
  2. Choice of the research method; at this stage, the publication, describing the process of work will be needed.
  3. If necessary, software is used to solve some tasks.
  4. Execution of the experiment; the publication, which depicts the process of experiment performance, is rather significant here.
  5. Implementation. The publication will include research experience and its results. In such a manner, one will have to make four publications during the process of the thesis’ preparation.

As it can be easily seen, the proposal writing needs full concentration. You will have to think about it all the time and try to work each day to contribute to the project. Sometimes, it may turn out to be a bit exhaustive. On some point, you may even decide to “pay someone to do my dissertation”. However, there is no need to rush, especially if you only faced an issue on the certain stage of the project completion. There is no need to ask someone to do the whole research work for you if you feel like coping with it on your own and you just need help with the certain part of it.

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