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There are many things that we all need to experience, live through, and accomplish to become better and more skilled people than we used to be. In many ways, to understand an individual problem, issue, or social aspect of life, we need to be really interested in it, want to learn it from different angles and come up with an appropriate and attractive way to present it to the public. This is what Capstone Projects are all about. And in the majority of cases, that is why even a high-school capstone project is so challenging for most of the high school, 1st, and 2nd-year students, and even for those who graduated from college or university.

These projects are given to students for diverse purposes, but mostly they are given to improve or gain some skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, time-management, independence in facing issues and finding solutions, but the main goal lies in the opportunity to dive into the question, or a social aspect deeper, get an exquisite personal experience. These assignments differ in length, topics, subjects and disciplines, as well as in levels of complexity. For example, a college capstone project is usually more difficult than a high school one due to the level of knowledge of a student and writing or practical experience. Many tutors and professors gravitate to the fact that this assignment is one of the most complex ones, but gives you exceptional knowledge and skills, which no other project does.